My body is tired of the fight.

I have no more might

I give no more thought to trying

My mind’s still living but my body is dying

This pain is excruciating

I hear them heavily debating

Will they respect my plans?

No control over my fate, it’s in someone else’s hands

Husband and daughter cry

Son says “Mom, mom why why…?”

I wish I could comfort them to let them know

It’s okay to let me go

But I’m afraid they’ll want to hold on and won’t pull the plug

I wish it wasn’t this way and I could give one last hug

But it is time for me to go,will they respect my wishes?

I love you so my dears, hugs and kisses.

But please hear my plea

Because I’m in distress

I know you feel that it would be best

To try and wait and see if I’ll wake up, but please heed my request

I’m really no longer here

I’m no longer near

So please my family I beg of you put my decision as patient first

Even if it feels like the worst

Because one day we’ll meet again

But until then remember your wonderful memories

Because they’ll act as a remedy

Healthcare is a Human Right

Healthcare is a Human Right

The Problem of the Pro-Life Movement

The Problem of the Pro-Life Movement