Alana Castro-Gilliard

Alana is a fourth year studying Human Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her interests in bioethics stem from a curiosity for the interplay between society and science with a specific interest in reproductive ethics, the ethics of healthcare, and the importance of storying in the medical field. Outside of the journal, Alana spends her time with the Cavalier Marching Band as the Color Guard section leader, as the Speaker Relations Chair in a leadership development program called Blueprint Leadership, volunteering through Madison House at a Spanish language immersion program daycare, and researching for her thesis in the Herr lab.


Colleen Suratt - Design Editor

Colleen Suratt is a first year graduate student at the University of Virginia, pursuing a Master’s of Public Health with a concentration in health policy, law, and ethics. Originally from Atlanta, she earned her Bachelor’s degree from UVA this past May with a major in Spanish and minor in Bioethics. Colleen has developed her passion for bioethics through several internship experiences over the course of her undergraduate career, from participating in the UVA Medical Center's clinical ethics consult service while interning at University of Virginia’s Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities, to co-authoring a case study manuscript on the concept of "moral distress" in clinical settings, to studying the effects of mental health policy in emergency departments while interning at the UVA Institute for Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy (ILPPP). In her spare time, Colleen assists on a research project with faculty at the ILPPP to analyze findings from a study on the ethics of clinical research, and skis with the Virginia Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team.


Conner Pike

Conner is a recent graduate from The University of Virginia. He lives in Charlottesville, VA, working full-time in the Department of Urology at UVA's hospital as a Medical Scribe. Conner is interested in telling historical stories about bioethics and how they shape conversations today. Although his interests are wide-reaching, he hopes to explore topics related to medicine.


Dallas Ducar - Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Dallas is a researcher, philosopher, and nurse. She works as a Research Associate at the U.Va. Compassionate Care Initiative, the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics, and as a psychiatric-mental health nurse. She is currently pursuing her psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner certificate and she volunteers weekly at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad. She has served as Editor-in-Chief and of Grounds and on the Editorial Board of various additional publications. Dallas currently collaborates on research in the cognitive sciences and the implications that such findings have in relation to ethical theory, specifically clinical ethics and public health.


Isabelle Cifu

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Belle is currently a second year pursuing a B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Bioethics. In addition to writing, she volunteers for a variety of Health, Animals, and the Environment and Adult and Emergency Services programs through Madison House. Belle is also a founding member of Animal Justice Advocates at the University of Virginia, through which she seeks to spread awareness on Grounds about issues related to animals. Belle is interested in exploring the culture of human and animal interaction, especially the ethics of raising animals for human use, animals as biotechnology, and human attitudes towards animals.


Jennifer Goertz - Submissions Editor

Jennifer is a third-year who hails from Anchorage, Alaska. She is studying neuroscience and bioethics in the College of Arts and Sciences, and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Her interests in bioethics primarily focus in the ethics of health care and management of epidemics, as well as research ethics in regards to studying neurological disorders. She is a member of the Gaultier Lab in the Brain, Immunology, and Glia (BIG) Center and she is studying how the gut microbiota affects depression in Multiple Sclerosis. Outside of the journal and lab, Jennifer is also a member of Rhapsody Ballet Ensemble and participates in Madison House’s Pet Pals program at the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA.


Jesse Persily - Financial Director

Jesse is a third year from Marlboro, New Jersey. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in Human Biology with a minor in Chemistry at the University of Virginia. Jesse is particularly interested in the bioethical and religious arguments surrounding reproduction and new reproductive technologies, in addition to his broader interest in applications of justice to the ever-complex realm of healthcare. In addition to his commitments as a staff writer, Jesse is the current Grants Chair of the College Council, is a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, and works as a research assistant in the Bauer Lab, where he applies his interest in cancer immunology to the management of pancreatic cancer.


Katharine Biegert - Marketing and Outreach Director

Katharine is a third year in the College of Arts and Sciences studying biology and bioethics. She is particularly interested in human-centered design through multidisciplinary participation in solving logistical as well as ethical issues in patient care. Katharine currently works on surgical innovations in the Coulter Biomedical Engineering Lab in collaboration with UVA physicians. She also serves as the president of Health UnBound, a student group interested in promoting medical entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Virginia to increase holistic care.


Logan Brich - Editor-in-Chief

Logan is a third year in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia studying Global Public Health and Middle Eastern Studies. He is especially interested in the politicization of internationally coordinated humanitarian relief efforts, as well as the impact of sectarian and identitarian violence on the provision of health care in Israel/Palestine. His research focuses on utilizing public health frameworks as strategies for resolving religiously-related and identitarian violence in Israel/Palestine. In addition to working with the journal, Logan is the Chair of the Student Council Safety and Wellness Committee. He is also an intern and Peer Health Educator through the Department of Student Health, and has served as a teaching assistant for Nobel Peace Prize-winning Professor Jerry White's course, "Religion, Violence, and Strategy."


Melanie Norris

Melanie is a Masters of Public Health candidate at the University of Virginia concentrating her studies in health policy, law, and ethics. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of William and Mary where she majored in psychology and minored in business administration. Melanie is dedicated to the pursuit of universal healthcare and believes that all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or income status, should have an equal opportunity to health and well-being. Melanie works as a graduate researcher in the Department of Public Health Sciences and is a tutor for the UVA Writing Center. In her spare time she enjoys learning about and experimenting with exercise nutrition, listening to podcasts, and spending time with her two labradoodles outdoors.

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Nishant Jha - Online Editor

Nishant is a third year from Salem, Virginia. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in Computer Science at the University of Virginia. Nishant is particularly interested in the bioethical arguments surrounding augmented humans and gene therapies, in addition to his broader interest in technology. In addition to his position as Online Editor, Nishant is the current Webmaster of the College Council, is a member of the Pre-Health Leadership Advisory Board, and works as a research assistant in the Bauer Lab, where he applies his interest in computer science to the management of pancreatic cancer.


Parks Remcho - Publications Editor

Parks is a third year from Corvallis, Oregon. He is currently pursuing a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and a B.A. in Neuroscience at the University of Virginia. For the journal, he enjoys working with the way ethical terms are understood and the historical environments that surround the progression of bioethics as a discipline. In addition to his commitments as a staff writer he is currently a student docent at The Fralin Museum of Art, a chairman with the College Science Scholars Council, and an undergraduate researcher in the Deppmann Lab, and a Jefferson Public Citizen Awardee.